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Thank you to Good Morning America for allowing True Blue Maids to be part of the special series “13 things your house cleaner won’t tell you.”

Updated: Feb 23

True Blue Maids House Cleaning Award-Winning maid service

MICHELLE CROUCH, Reader's Digest

 ABC News

"GMA" is teaming up with Reader's Digest on a special series of "13 Things Your ____ Won't Tell You." We're kicking it off with a peek inside the world of professional housecleaners: "13 Things Your Housecleaner Won't Tell You."

The first in a series of cool and useful features with Reader's Digest.


House Cleaning True Blue Maids Pasadena

#3 Tip from True Blue Maids of Pasadena - 3. After I leave, check the base of the toilet and the top of the fridge. If they're clean, you know I'm thorough.

   Sources: Lynette Haugen, owner of True Blue Maids of Pasadena;     

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